WordPress DOC

Do you have a WordPress site or blog? Are you still mystified as to how to update it or change it? Let me help. I can fix existing WordPress sites/blogs or help you start one. I can even teach you how to update it or run it yourself.

Using the WordPress interface, most people can run their own websites without needing any additional programming or design. Even many big companies use WordPress for their sites. It is an amazing platform that allows you to change your site without having to know code. I can help you with your graphics for an additional fee.

“The doctor will see you now.”

Make an Appointment or call 760.840.7903

Senior Art Director at renowned interactive firms, teacher of web design at the top design schools in NYC, Fortune 500 clients, creative consultant for entrepreneurs. As a multimedia specialist, I have helped launch several successful small businesses; I have created thousands of web pages and produced hundreds of e-learning videos.

You will need:

1. your blog name
2. username
3. password
4. a list of the changes you want to make

1. your domain name
2. username
3. password
4. a list of the changes you want to make

1. the name of your host service (example: Go Daddy)
2. info from your host service: username/password and ftp access
3. the name of the theme you prefer

* I accept cash or credit cards. First-time virtual customers must pay in advance before work starts. 2-hour minimum.

** Usually when you pay for a domain name/hosting service the service sends you your access information in an email. If you have worked with a designer, the username /password might have been changed, so make sure that you have the most recent information.

This service is best for small, simple websites, not for large or complex sites.


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