Publishing Services

ebook-doctorI offer publishing services for indie authors. Below are some prices on the services I currently offer.

E-BOOK CONVERSION (from Word Document)

Ebook conversion of a text-only Word document — no chapters, images, or internal links (most novels).

Includes one external link to your website or blog. Normal Kindle formatting.

$65 ~ Up to 5,000 words

$149 ~ Up to 25,000 words

$199 ~ Up to 50,000 words

$399 ~ Up to 100,000 words


  • Add Chapters links: BASIC RATE plus $10 per chapter link
  • Add Images: BASIC RATE plus $10 per image
  • Paragraph breaks can be used instead of the Kindle default indented paragraph at an additional cost of $10 / thousand words.


  • I do not edit manuscripts; please edit before you give your manuscript to a designer.
  • You must provide good quality original images that you have the right to use, from reputable sources or domain-free.
  • Prices do not include any image manipulation or image research.
  • Image retouching is billed on an hourly basis: $65.00/hr with a 2 hr minimum.

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