Talk to Me, No Couch Needed


Release your creative genius!

You have always known you were destined to do great things—it’s time that you realized your biggest dreams. When your mind meets mine the sparks will fly!

Do you have a creative block? Perhaps you want to develop your creativity, or you are starting a new enterprise, and you need some high-level advice. In either case, I can help you. I am a creative projects consultant and creative coach for those type-A creative misfits like you and me.

Even da Vinci could have used a coach!
Are you a professional creative? Are you creating something absolutely new, like a new way to do business? Do you feel overwhelmed, or do you experience creative blocks? Maybe you need a coach!

Testimonials from my clients

Do you want to be more creative?
You know you are missing something. Like losing the keys to your car, you can’t go anywhere until you find the key to unlock your creativity.

Are you ready?

If you would like to discuss your creative project or engage me as a creative consultant/coach, please contact me.


2 Replies to “Talk to Me, No Couch Needed”

  1. My colleague Steve Soshea asked me to write to you regarding the project on graphic designers/fine artists. I am a lifelong designer/landscape painter and now educator and motion graphics artist. For awhile I was running a full-on design firm…have scaled that back a bit lately to take a break.

    My website, which is being reworked, and reel, ditto, is above in case you want to check it out.

    I have basically run two careers for my entire working life…rewarding and exhausting. I often had the careers sort of separate and secret from each other but now I am trying to be one whole person. The fields are very different though, the marketing is different.


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