Becca Tarnas ~ Dissertation Defense of “The Back of Beyond: The Red Books of C.G. Jung and J.R.R. Tolkien”

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This video was yesterday afternoon’s treat following a busy several weeks of sessions, study and synchronicity. I have followed Becca’s graduate work for years, as her interests in the Imaginal Realm, Faerie, Jung, Tolkien, symbols, Story and astrology dovetail with my own. Had my 1998 TBI not rerouted me away from a PhD in English Literature, these kinds of studies would have been right up my alley. Actually, they still are; I just do them in a different way, with different ends.

In any case, this is a fascinating and brilliant dissertation defense. I love how all the academics recognize Becca for “bringing the Soul back to academia.” If you have an hour and 45 minutes, this talk delves into the world I live in, especially these past few weeks. Highly recommended!

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What Happened to WordPress​ “Press This”?

If you are a long-time blogger like me, chances are that you have discovered a handy little tool called Press This.

If you are a new blogger/website owner, you may want to learn how to install and use Press ThisPress This provides a lightning-fast way to publish a link to a page or post from any website to your blog without ever visiting It’s as easy as clicking the Press This bookmarklet while you’re viewing the page or post you want to share.

This morning, I went to use Press This and I got a “this tool is depreciated” message. Huh?

Sick WordPress blog or website? The WordPress Doc is ready to help!

I searched to see what happened and couldn’t find any documentation except via (not .com). A longer search returned this page. Apparently, Automattic changed the tool without telling us. It isn’t even here in this documentation.

If your Press This applet is no longer working for your WordPress blog, I recommend that you follow these instructions.

  1. remove the old Press This bookmarklet
  2. select Settings from the blue interface
  3. select Writing from the menu at the top
  4. drag the Press This link to the bookmarks or favorites area of your web browser

A little trick: I tried this first in my blog’s “black interface” (accessible from “Admin”) but it didn’t work until I tried to access it in the “blue interface”* Not exactly the same as before, but I can at least breathe a sigh of relief…

Need help with your WordPress blog or website?

via Press This — Support —

12 Facts About Famous Logos You Didn’t Know

How to Publish Your Kindle eBook ~ a Cheat Sheet for Designers / Authors


I am a professional designer and published author. Here is my publishing process in a nutshell:

  1. Research a good title.
  2. Design a cover.*
  3. Write the document in Word.**
  4. Check it for formatting, spelling, and grammatical errors.
  5. Convert the document to an epub file.
  6. Write a description for the book in a TextEdit document (Notepad on the PC)
  7. Log in to Kindle; create the title and fill in the info they require.
  8. Upload the book interior (the epub) and cover.
  9. Check that the book looks OK in the Preview on KDP. Submit for review.
  10. Approve it or go back to correct errors (step 4), redo steps 5-9.

* I design my cover for the print edition, save it for the later CreateSpace print edition, and then reduce it for the ebook/Kindle edition.

** I format the Word doc before I start writing to streamline it for eventual ebook/Kindle production.

A lot of skills are involved in publishing a book; it can be overwhelming for the first-time publisher.

I have written a book that makes publishing on Kindle a snap, taking you through the process step-by-step; it can help you streamline the process and remove a lot of confusion.


I recommend hiring a professional designer, who has a proven track record in book cover design. Hire one who designs for your genre; for instance, I specialize in designing book covers for certain genres. Ask the designer to design your cover for a print book (includes enough image for a back cover and spine), and then output a version for your ebooks and Kindle editions.


Kindle offers a great service that allows you to determine how to price your book. It is still in BETA at the time of this writing. Currently, a book at 70% royalty option maxes out at $9.99, and can be set at a minimum of $2.99. You can set it higher or lower if you take a 30% royalty instead.


Establish an account on Kindle here: You will have to give them your tax information, address, and other account information. They will then let you establish an account, and you can upload your book contents and cover when you are ready to publish. (Don’t forget to save your password and user name!)


Your manuscript is automatically protected under US copyright laws, but you might want to record your copyright here: This gives you more legal leverage should you encounter any problems. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally. In a nutshell, whoever owns the ISBN number is the publisher to your book and owns the rights to publish that edition. ISBN numbers cannot be transferred, so if you are using any POD publisher’s number, they are the publisher, not you. Each version of a book must have its own ISBN number, meaning the digital version and the print version each must have an unique identifier.

Don’t worry! An ISBN number will be assigned to you on KDP and on CreateSpace should you publish a print edition using their service. Or you can buy your ISBN numbers from here:


Anyone can create an author’s page, go to Once you have an account, then you can submit a bio, claim your books, and track your sales.


“ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Almost every product on our site has its own ASIN, a unique code we use to identify it. For books, the ASIN is the same as the ISBN number, but for all other products a new ASIN is created when the item is uploaded to our catalogue.” ~ Amazon


KDP support for Kindle books:

Author Central support:


If you’re using CreateSpace for Print-On-Demand (POD) publishing services, contact support here:

Self-publishing: What You Need to Know About the ISBN

cropped-fresh-aslum-logo-blask51.pngCreateSpace has free ISBNs to offer authors. The ISBN is the unique identifier used in all traditional systems for identifying books. Amazon has a unique number of its own called an ASIN. The person or company that holds the ISBN has the publishing rights to your book, at least in that edition. This was usually the publishing house. In effect, when you buy your own ISBN (, you are now the publisher of your book.

ISBNs cannot be transferred or resold. So any vanity publisher like LULU or CS is not giving you an ISBN and they actually hold the publishing rights to your work, in that edition that is identified by the ISBN.

I originally started in 2007 with Lightning Source. I bought a package of 10 ISBNs and published a few books under my own ISBN numbers. However, when CreateSpace came along, I realized that my publishing process needed a way to submit changes without incurring additional charges. And then, a couple years ago, I decided to redesign and retitle all my books. Some of them I had to retitle several times, since I would get them out on Amazon after a week or more of work, and I already had a competitor with almost the same title.

ISBNs are linked with the title, subtitle, the physical size of the book, and the number of pages. Every time you make a change to one or more of these elements, you have to publish under a new ISBN. So, these changes would have cost me not only time, but money and my precious ISBNs!

This is why I publish under CreateSpace now.

The advantage in using your own ISBN numbers is that you “own” the publishing rights in that edition. However, if you make a lot of changes to your book after you have approved it for publication, you might want to use free numbers.

Kindle Publishing Do It Yourself

Publish Your Book on Kindle in 7 Easy Steps

Kindle version | Print version

This book  is a “cheat-sheet” for those who wish to learn how to publish on Kindle.

Even an ebook can be beautiful, if you know how. Book designer and bestselling author Aliyah Marr reveals some super-simple techniques that she has developed to streamline the publishing process for herself and for her clients. This is a step-by-step guide that will enable you to easily and quickly produce the kind of ebook that will look great on Kindle. You worked hard writing your book; you shouldn’t have to work hard to publish it. 

Are you ready to be a published author?

PSA: OneLogin Breached. Here’s What You Need to Do.

This is a public service announcement from Wordfence. We are sending this notice to the WordPress community due to the widespread nature and potential severity of this security issue. It has a high likelihood of impacting some of our readers and requires immediate action on their part.Single sign-on provider OneLogin has experienced a breach. If you or your company uses OneLogin to sign in to applications, or if you use any of their other services, you need to be aware of this and may need to take several actions immediately…

Source: PSA: OneLogin Breached. Here’s What You Need to Do.

Security Breach in Popular Plugin “User Role Editor” – User Can Become Admin

There is a major vulnerability in a popular plugin with over 300,000 active installs: User Role Editor 4.24 and older.

The vulnerability allows any registered user to gain administrator access. For sites that have open registration, this is a serious security hole.

If you are running User Role Editor, upgrade to the newest version which is 4.25 immediately.

Looking at a diff of the newest plugin release, the author was checking if users have access to edit another user using the ‘current_user_can’ function and checking for the ‘edit_user’ (without an ‘s’ on the end) capability on a specific user ID. The green code below was added.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.58.02 AM

A user can edit themselves, and so sending data to the plugin that supplies the current user’s ID to this access check would bypass the check.

The fix released in version 4.25 (new code shown in green above) checks if the current user has the ‘edit_users’ capability which is a general access check that would fix this vulnerability.

The edit_user check that was being used is undocumented on the Roles wiki page, but it isused by WordPress core (in a secure way). So if you are using this check in your plugins, it is important to realize that it can be bypassed if used as a general access level check.

As always, please make sure that the rest of your plugins are at the newest version because we have seen several, less impactful vulnerabilities emerge during the past month.


The Wordfence Team.

via Vulnerability in User Role Editor – Users Can Become Admins – Wordfence

Publishing a Book? CreateSpace vs. Lightning Source

Years ago I published my first book, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity through Lightning Source, then the premier POD (print on demand) printer for books. All the big publishers used Lightning Source. I encouraged my consulting clients to use Lightning Source as recently as 3 years ago.

Then I found CreateSpace. I haven’t looked back: last year, I celebrated my 7th year of book design when I published my 11th book, The Avatars of Eden. All of my books are now printed by CreateSpace and available on Amazon: Aliyah Marr.


Here is the record of a chat I just held with LightningSource.

–begin chat–

Aliyah Marr
I published 3 books through you, but I have republished all those books (some of them several times) through CreateSpace. Now I have 11 books on Amazon, the print versions throughCreateSpace.

First understand that I am a professional graphic designer who is a published author. I design all my books and design my client’s books. In fact, I sent some of my clients to you and they have become book publishers in their own right. Now, however, most of them are on CreateSpace.

May I state why I decided to switch my business to CreateSpace?

You may.

Aliyah Marr

1. CreateSpace doesn’t charge any setup fees.
This is important when you find that you have a small or large error in your book and you have to correct it.

2. CreateSpace has an astounding user interface.
This allows a professional such as myself a seamless way to upload my files.

3. CreateSpace is Amazon.
Enough said.

4. CreateSpace has distribution world-wide.
They have deals with printers in various countries.

5. CreateSpace connects the reviews of my ebooks (Kindle) with the printed versions on their site.

6. And most important: CreateSpace has better print quality.
I once tried to talk to the tech department at LS about the lack of print consistency from page to page. They were able to tell me that this is due to different toners on the heads, but they were not able to correct the problem.

Another time I tried to talk to a printing professional at LS about how to up the quality in the books from my end. They had no idea what the various printing terms meant. They are not printing professionals, they can only run the book making machines, IMHO.

7. CreateSpace has great turn around too.

8. Lastly, I was never able to really talk to anyone down at LightningSource.
It seemed that my account manager was never in the office, and never returned my calls. Have any of these items changed? I mean, I haven’t really dealt with LS for years.

We do have support available 7 days a week.

Aliyah Marr
Have any of the other items on my list changed?

CreateSpace and LSI are very different platforms for differing types of publishers who have different needs.CreateSpace does use Ingram Distribution and printing. They are a customer of ours. Some publishers feel that the services that come along withCreateSpace better suit their needs as self-publishers.

Aliyah Marr
Yes, I know that CreateSpace is a customer of yours. I assume that I cannot control the quality of a book outside the US, but those that I see from CreateSpace are excellent in quality inside and out. Whereas the ones from LS were not consistent at all.

I’m sorry, but chat serves as a way for publishers to ask quick questions concerning their LSI accounts. If you are interested in discussing CreateSpaces’s services compared to our own, you are welcome to give us a call for a more thorough and satisfying exchange. Do you have any questions concerning your account?

Aliyah Marr
Will you please submit my list of observations to whomever may care to receive feedback?

Yes. I will.

—end of chat—

I assume that my feedback won’t have any effect. But I hope that this helps others who want to publish their books.

via The New and Improved Ingram’s Lightning Source

Imminent: Non-HTTPS Sites Labeled “Not Secure” by Chrome

On approximately January 31st of this month, version 56 of the Chrome web browser will be released. There is a significant change in the way it displays websites that are not using HTTPS, also known as SSL. This change may confuse your site visitors or surprise you if you are not expecting it.
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Design and Publishing Services


I am a bestselling author and book (and web) designer. I know what it takes to write, design, and publish a book. A book can go a long way to establishing your credentials in any field. I specialize in designing self-help books and historical fiction. I have written, designed and published 11 books of my own, and have helped several authors publish their books. Two of my clients became book publishers after I helped them publish their first books. Here is my online portfolio of work.…

The publishing industry has changed enormously in the last few years: eBooks and print-on-demand books are a large part of the equation now. I have even written a book on how to publish on Kindle:…

There are a lot of online publishing companies out there who would love to take your money and a lot of people with well-intentioned advice, but you can streamline your process by getting solid advice and practical advice from someone who knows the whole industry.

There are several stages to writing a book. If you are in the beginning, you may simply need a writing coach. If you have written your manuscript, you will need help in producing it as an ebook and print book. If you have already produced your book — actually, you should do this before you finish your book— you will need to promote your book with a website/blog, videos, and an email campaign.

I know how to do ALL of the above. I am a creative coach, a multimedia/online specialist, and graphic designer. Give me a holler if you need help with your book or online publishing needs. Here is a list of my skills:

Apple computers
Audio editing
Book publishing
Content Manager
Creative Consultant for Social Entrepreneurs
Creative Coach
Graphic Design
Social Media manager
Tutor: Graphic Design, Webmedia, WordPress
Website design
Web master
Website maintenance
Wordpress installation (self-hosted)
Wordpress maintenance
Wordpress template modification
Various office skills
Video editing/production

Contact me

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How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program with WordPress | Elegant Themes Blog

For years now WordPress has been perhaps the best platform in the world for creating affiliate blogs and websites. Affiliate marketing is one of the key ways many professional bloggers generate revenue. But there are two sides to the affiliate marketing coin–the side of the affiliates themselves who sell others’ products to turn a profit and that of the product creators.

via How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program with WordPress | Elegant Themes Blog

Template Tags « WordPress Codex

Template tags are used within your blog’s Templates to display information dynamically or otherwise customize your blog, providing the tools to make it as individual and interesting as you are. Below is a list of the general user tags available in WordPress, sorted by function-specific category.

For further information on template tags and templates in general, see the following:

Stepping Into Template Tags – an introduction to Template Tags.
Anatomy of a Template Tag – details of how to put Tags into Template files.
How to Pass Tag Parameters – details of how to use Parameters with Tags.
Include Tags – additional tags related to including one Template file within another.
Conditional Tags – additional tags, not shown here, related to making your Templates more flexible with options.
Function Reference – additional tags related to core WordPress functionality.
Deprecated Functions – additional tags that are Deprecated.
Templates – a comprehensive list of Template, Theme, and Tag resources.
Stepping Into Templates – introduction to Template files.

via Template Tags « WordPress Codex

WordPress Developer Super Cheat Sheet – WPMU DEV

There sure is a lot you need to remember when working with WordPress theme files.

From the names of basic template files to functions and how the WordPress Loop works, it’s next to impossible to remember every PHP tag or even how to define a new theme.

via WordPress Developer Super Cheat Sheet – WPMU DEV

7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (Pros and Cons)

Creating regular WordPress backups is the best thing you can do for your website. Backups give you a peace of mind and can save you in catastrophic situations when your site gets hacked or you accidentally lock yourself out. There are several free and paid backup plugins for WordPress, and most of them are fairly easy to use. In this article, we will show you the 7 best backup plugins for WordPress.

via 7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (Pros and Cons)

Top 25 Free WordPress Plugins and Why They’re So Damn Popular – WPMU DEV

Ever wondered what the most popular free WordPress plugins are and why they’re so freaking popular? Knowing the answer could help you understand which ones are a must to install on your site (or even what kinds of plugins you should be building).

via Top 25 Free WordPress Plugins and Why They’re So Damn Popular – WPMU DEV

15 Seriously Simple Hacks for Customizing WordPress for Clients – WPMU DEV

WordPress has become synonymous with ease of use and flexibility. With an intuitive interface, plugins, themes, and other tools to help users build websites, WordPress has quickly become the content management system of choice.

via 15 Seriously Simple Hacks for Customizing WordPress for Clients – WPMU DEV

How to Manually Delete or Reset WordPress and Multisite – WPMU DEV

Don’t have access to your WordPress admin? Or can’t access the settings for a plugins? Don’t sweat it – you can still reset or delete and uninstall WordPress or your plugin manually.

via How to Manually Delete or Reset WordPress and Multisite – WPMU DEV

30 Creative and Neglected Ways to Increase Traffic to Your WordPress Site – WPMU DEV

Are you like me and always have one eye on your website’s traffic stats? Whether your site is personal or for business, more traffic leads to more exposure. And that means more revenue. So it’s understandable why I’m obsessed with my site’s stats, right?

via 30 Creative and Neglected Ways to Increase Traffic to Your WordPress Site – WPMU DEV

The 12 Best Facebook Marketing Tools Available in 2016 | Elegant Themes Blog

Facebook needs no introduction. Today it boasts over 1.6 billion monthly active users, and if you haven’t extended your marketing efforts onto the platform yet, it begs the question – what on earth are you waiting for?

Well, the good news is that getting started with marketing on Facebook is honestly not that hard – anyone can create a page and start accumulating a following right away. Doing it right, however, will require you to get acquainted with a multitude of tools in order to maximize the efficacy of your efforts. You’ll need to engage with your followers, track your analytics, manage your ad campaigns, and know exactly which content to publish and when…

via The 12 Best Facebook Marketing Tools Available in 2016 | Elegant Themes Blog

20 Indispensable Gmail Calendar Hacks for 2015 – CPC Strategy

I spend If you’re anything like me, you’ll quickly find your Gmail calendar full to the brim with appointments, meetings, conference calls and anything and everything in between. And as those build up, sorting through them and staying on track can get pretty difficult.
Gmail calendar has some pretty useful built-in tools. Tools most of its users aren’t using. They can help you keep organized and on-track with multiple connections, meetings and priorities.

See the 20 Gmail Calendar Hacks via 20 Indispensable Gmail Calendar Hacks for 2015 – CPC Strategy

Table Coding for users | wordpress tips

Just what I have been looking for: handy hints for coding tables in WordPress!


via Table coding for users | wordpress tips

Adding Custom Fonts to WordPress with @Font-Face and CSS3 – WPMU DEV

Whether you’re creating a new WordPress theme or simply customizing one, custom fonts can help freshen your theme’s style.

While browsers have built-in default fonts, which you can call in your style.css file, using the same fonts everyone else uses can seem a bit dull.

Luckily, adding your own choice of fonts is relatively easy using the CSS3 @font-face rule. All that’s required is uploading a font to your server, then adding it to your theme with a few small snippets of CSS.

Let’s look at how to do it.

via Adding Custom Fonts to WordPress with @Font-Face and CSS3 – WPMU DEV

How to Add Google Forms to Your WordPress Website | Elegant Themes Blog


If you aren’t yet familiar with Google Forms, now is a good time to get acquainted with this free yet powerful service.

Perhaps not as popular as their other apps, such as Docs and Sheets, Google Forms is a quick and easy way to collect information from your users via online forms. As well as being shared via email or published on their own web page, Google Forms can also be added to your WordPress website in just a few clicks

via How to Add Google Forms to Your WordPress Website | Elegant Themes Blog

30 Incredibly Readable Serif Fonts for Your Next Web Design Project | Elegant Themes Blog

Typography is a key component of web design and the choice of which font to use on your projects, while often overlooked, can have a huge impact on how well they’re received.

Popular design wisdom establishes that different kinds of fonts are better suited for specific purposes, such as serif being better for printed works, and sans serif excelling when it comes to high-impact headlines. Today, we’re focusing on readability in web design, and as such, we’ll be covering only serif fonts, which (being more easily identified by the human eye) are considered more legible than their sans serif counterparts.

Without further ado, let’s quickly go over the WordPress font installation process, then over our picks one by one.

How to Add Fonts to Your WordPress Website

There are two ways you can go around adding fonts to your WordPress repertoire. The first involves making some simple CSS modifications, but they can get annoying if you want to try out a bunch of them.

The second route involves, of course, plugins. Our personal pick for this case is Use Any Font:

This handy little plugin enables you to upload third party fonts to your server via a simple interface, and use them via the WordPress editor without any additional setup. It supports both TTF and OTF file extensions, and is fully free to use.

via 30 Incredibly Readable Serif Fonts for Your Next Web Design Project | Elegant Themes Blog

The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing

Great fonts are essential to great design. But picking great fonts can seem like an impossible dark art for most people. In the article below I’ll explain the basics of choosing great fonts and then give you my favorite combinations that you can use in your own designs.

These font pairs are perfect if you are trying to create your nextpresentation, social media graphic or anything else you’d like to design. Of course, all of these fonts are available for you to use – for free – inside Canva.

There’s a science to applying a heading, subheading and body copy to suit the type of content you’re producing and the message or tone of your brand.

Think we’ve left some good ones out? Share the font pairings you like to use in the comments section, below, and if we think it deserves to be on this list, we’ll add it in and feature your own design…


See visual examples via The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing

How to Use SMTP to Send Email from WordPress | Elegant Themes Blog

SMTP can be a lot more reliable than the typical mail function in WordPress. There may come a time where the standard PHP mail function in WordPress stops working properly, causing you to run into problems with getting emails to send and receive emails correctly. You’ll want to connect your site to an SMTP server if this is the case.
You need to use your email provider’s server, which means retrieving the SMTP settings in most cases. We’ll go over how to set up these types of settings using the Easy WP SMTP and WP Mail SMTP plugins in the first section. Instructions on how to connect your site to Gmail’s servers are in the second section…

via How to Use SMTP to Send Email from WordPress | Elegant Themes Blog

Conversational Interfaces, Explained | Co.Design | business design

Last week at Microsoft’s Build conference, CEO Satya Nadella said that the future of the company was “conversation as platform.” In other words, less Windows and Office, and more Cortana and Tay—conversational interfaces that can understand the natural language of human users.

If Nadella thought he was expressing some unique vision of the future, though, he was fooling himself. The idea of conversational UI has quickly colonized nearly every corner of Silicon Valley over the past year. Now seems like a good time to ask: What is a conversational interface?


A conversational interface is any UI that mimics chatting with a real human. The idea here is that instead of communicating with a computer on its own inhuman terms—by clicking on icons and entering syntax-specific commands—you interact with it on yours, by just telling it what to do.


Right now, there are two basic types of conversational interfaces. There are voice assistants, which you talk to, and there are chatbots, which you type to. I’d also probably distinguish a third “fake” kind of conversational interface: the pseudo-chatbot, which mimics a chatbot in appearance but is really a traditional point-and-click GUI. Microsoft Clippy and Quartz’s weird text-messaging news app are good examples of pseudo-chatbots—they borrow the visuals of a chatbot but don’t actually allow you to converse beyond their canned responses.

via Conversational Interfaces, Explained | Co.Design | business design

This House Costs Just $20,000—But It’s Nicer Than Yours

3056129-inline-i-1c-these-beautiful-small-houses-were-each-copyFor over a decade, architecture students at Rural Studio, Auburn University’s design-build program in a tiny town in West Alabama, have worked on a nearly impossible problem. How do you design a home that someone living below the poverty line can afford, but that anyone would want—while also providing a living wage for the local construction team that builds it?

In January, after years of building prototypes, the team finished their first pilot project in the real world. Partnering with a commercial developer outside Atlanta, in a tiny community called Serenbe, they built two one-bedroom houses, with materials that cost just $14,000 each

via This House Costs Just $20,000—But It’s Nicer Than Yours.

SHoP Architects Will Build 50 Resilient Schools In Nepal (And Share The Designs)

3055124-slide-s-8-shop-architects-to-build-50-public-schoolsIn April 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal with an epicenter 50 miles outside of the capital, Kathmandu. Natural disasters of this scale are devastating, but some experts argued that unregulated construction compounded the damage and death toll. The New York-based firm SHoP Architects recently announced a partnership with two socially-driven advocacy organizations, Kids of Kathmandu and the Asia Friendship Network, to aid in the rebuilding process by constructing 50 new schools in the hardest-hit areas.

via SHoP Architects Will Build 50 Resilient Schools In Nepal (And Share The Designs).