Book Cover Design

However much things change, people still judge a book by its cover.

The cover is one of the most important selling tools for your book. Depending on the genre of your book, you may need both images and design, or just design. If you write books in the self-help genre, you can get away with a simple, easy-to-read “text treatment” (for an example of this see The Creative Life in 365 Degrees below).

Below is a gallery of books that I have published in print and as ebooks. Several have been on Amazon’s bestselling list.

Click on an image to open the slide show.


Aliyah Marr’s tutorial on how to use a grid in web design.


One of my favorite book designs. 3D art and book design copyright Aliyah Marr

The Pearl

3D art and design copyright Aliyah Marr


What happens when the client gives you heartburn along with information overload, and how to fix it with great design.

The Visionary

3D art and design copyright Aliyah Marr

American Express Digital Wallet Concepts

Concepts for the American Express Digital Wallet


The redesign of a bestselling book.

Unplug Matrix

This design emulates the screen of the Matrix. The title swirls as if going down a drain.

Double Lives

In this tutorial I profile four professional designers who spend their “off hours” working on personal creative projects.

Love @ First Site

WritingLove @ First Site: article for Dynamic Graphics / Create Magazine reviewing best websites of the year. Feature article in Dynamic Love @ First Site What’s new, cool (& also bad) in web design by Aliyah Marr February 2009 If you look over the internet today, you might think it’s a wasteland of shopping carts …

I design beautiful book interiors too. Here is a sample spread from one of my latest books, The Tarot Key.

Interior Spread for The Tarot Key
Interior Spread for The Tarot Key

Most people don’t know the difference between a designer and an illustrator. An illustrator paints or draws pictures. Graphic designers work with text and images in balanced compositions; in other words, a designer puts together the pieces of the book. Sometimes illustrators are also designers.

The above books were designed and illustrated by Aliyah Marr.

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