Aliyah Marr’s E-Learning Portfolio

Below are some of the tutorials that I created for Media Bistro. Then click on the blank movie screen; please be patient, the movie can take a while to stream.

Sticky Sites

I coined the phrase, “Gummy Bear Awards” for this tutorial on how to
make websites more “sticky” throughgood web design.


Tutorial on Bauhaus influence in graphic design: Aliyah Marr


Tutorial: How Gestalt principles can be used to communicate and sell through graphic design by Aliyah Marr

Design Crimes

In this tutorial, I get to be the police officer and report on crimes in web design.


Aliyah Marr’s tutorial on how to use a grid in web design.


Aliyah Marr’s tutorial on how to use color on the web: principles and good practices.


Aliyah Marr’s tutorial on how to use humor in web design.


How to use typography effectively on the web.

Web Fantastic

A walk through the unusual and fantastic in web design today.

5 Makeovers

Aliyah Marr’s report on the good, the bad and the ugly in website design.


What happens when the client gives you heartburn along with information overload, and how to fix it with great design.


In this series, I show my students how to design websites with outstanding site architecture.


In this tutorial I reel in a whopping netful of free online inspirational resources for designers.

Creative Blocks

In this tutorial I outline a set of practical techniques that you can use to jump-start your creativity.

Web Portfolios

In this tutorial I show designers how to make online portfolios to market their graphic design services.

Double Lives

In this tutorial I profile four professional designers who spend their “off hours” working on personal creative projects.

Driven Design

E-learning module demonstrating how to drive traffic through a site using UI.

The process of producing these e-learning tutorials was very involved:

  1. ideation
  2. brainstorming with the editor
  3. gathering the content (visuals)
  4. arranging the information
  5. writing the voice-over script
  6. cutting the video/voice-over
  7. editing the video/sound
  8. uploading the finished files

Making online/video tutorials is something that I have been doing for years. The software used by my last client, MediaBistro, required that I cut the video/sound in one shot; editing was not allowed. So, I could not make a mistake or I would have to do the recording all over again. I had to read from a script while running the accompanying visuals on screen. I felt a bit like a Chameleon, with one eye on my paper and the other on the computer. However, the students reported that my tutorials were their favorites. I like to think it was my sense of humor. In the end I created over 100 movies for MediaBistro.

One of the biggest e-learning projects I worked on was the Hummer multimedia repair manual. I designed and programmed the interface, and then headed up a team of designers to create the interactive movies. The manual included text, video, voice-overs, graphics and sound in two languages inside an interactive interface. We achieved this feat in just 6 months. Whew!