About Aliyah Marr


A creative director and graphic designer with a client list of Fortune 500 companies, I am a creative consultant for companies and a vision coach for social entrepreneurs.

Informal Bullet Point CV

  • Educated at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts,
  • I started my professional career in illustration and editorial design,
  • soon went into interactive media and e-learning,
  • spent some quality time climbing to the top of the dot-com world in NYC,
  • worked as a Senior Art Director for Fortune 100 companies,
  • helped launch successful startups,
  • designed and programmed a bunch of online games,
  • created scads of web pages,
  • and mountains of online/video, e-learning tutorials,
  • taught design, drawing, video editing, motion graphics, gaming, programming, multimedia, and web design at Parson’s, Pratt, and The School of Visual Arts in New York City.
  • Now I have come full circle back to editorial design.

On the way I rediscovered a love of books, book design—especially book covers. In addition to helping others publish their books and launch their own publishing companies, I have written, designed and published 11 books of my own.

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