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I am a bestselling author and book (and web) designer. I know what it takes to write, design, and publish a book. A book can go a long way to establishing your credentials in any field. I specialize in designing self-help books and historical fiction. I have written, designed and published 11 books of my own, and have helped several authors publish their books. Two of my clients became book publishers after I helped them publish their first books. Here is my online portfolio of work.…

The publishing industry has changed enormously in the last few years: eBooks and print-on-demand books are a large part of the equation now. I have even written a book on how to publish on Kindle:…

There are a lot of online publishing companies out there who would love to take your money and a lot of people with well-intentioned advice, but you can streamline your process by getting solid advice and practical advice from someone who knows the whole industry.

There are several stages to writing a book. If you are in the beginning, you may simply need a writing coach. If you have written your manuscript, you will need help in producing it as an ebook and print book. If you have already produced your book — actually, you should do this before you finish your book— you will need to promote your book with a website/blog, videos, and an email campaign.

I know how to do ALL of the above. I am a creative coach, a multimedia/online specialist, and graphic designer. Give me a holler if you need help with your book or online publishing needs. Here is a list of my skills:

Apple computers
Audio editing
Book publishing
Content Manager
Creative Consultant for Social Entrepreneurs
Creative Coach
Graphic Design
Social Media manager
Tutor: Graphic Design, Webmedia, WordPress
Website design
Web master
Website maintenance
Wordpress installation (self-hosted)
Wordpress maintenance
Wordpress template modification
Various office skills
Video editing/production

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