Kindle Publishing Tips

A recent question from an associate on Linked In prompted this response:

  • Is a page break needed at either the end or start of each page. Is a change of the margin allowed, and is it therefore a viable alternative for a tab when sections of the text needed to be indented?

  • Hi Katherine, These questions are all answered in my book. Please do buy it, and maybe do an Amazon testimonial? Shares are welcome too!


  • Your last question: think vertical instead of horizontal. Tabs do not work in ebooks. Instead, try this neat trick: offset text with simple “icons” made from text surrounded by paragraph breaks. You can get creative with this, just don’t use bullet points. Some good characters are: * : ~ dashes, etc. Center these, like so:


  • As for pages, they are irrevelant in an ebook, which is just one big page in HTML. You can use manual page breaks in Word between chapters, though. The page breaks that you see in Word won’t render as pages in the final ebook.

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