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Fonts are used to design typography of any document or object. We use fonts to design website textures, images, graphics, PDFs, eBooks and many things where written in texts. There are huge collections of fonts available to download and use for personal or commercial purposes. You can download many popular and beautiful fonts from the web from different sources that provide fonts. Webfonts are same as to desktop fonts though we use them in different ways, webfonts are embeddable but desktop fonts are in two types OpenType and TrueType.You can install any font type in your computer hard drive and use that font to design your object.

Below are quite few lists of beautiful fonts are most popular fonts used in design purposes.

Graublau Sans Pro


Graublau sans pro is the rising star of myfonts which provides 1000 glyphs with 7 heights and this font is suitable for all types of typographic task. It’s well known typography since the italics have handwriting based, vivid design while the regular style has a neutral and clean appearance. It also supports Turkish, CE, Cyrillic and Greek offering a wide range of sets of figures.

Proxima Nova

proxima nova banner

The font family is a reworking module of Proxima Sans. The family includes 42 OpenType, fully featured fonts with three width choices. Proxima nova was first released in 2005 after many requests came to the author and he reworked on Proxima sans and happened to create a beautiful classic fonts for design shape and purpose.

Brandon Grotesque


Brandon Grotesque is sans serif, award winning font family with beautiful geometric style and functional look across their each character. Black and thin fonts are the great choice for creating headlines though medium and regular weights are more suitable for longer sentences.

Helvetica Neue Lt Std

helvetica neue

Popular Helvetica font family during the 60s and 70s and various versions are released from Helvetica introducing their family members are quite popular across the design world. The entire font family was redrawn during the early 80’s by Linotype. Alignment differences were corrected and the subtle features had been made more consistent.

Graublau Slab Pro

Grablau Slab Pro

This is new addition of Graublau family which had been designed by Georg seifert. The font family was released in 2008, as the typeface was very much popular in usages web design and development, magazines, books, and corporate designs.

Museo Sans

museo sans

These are another beautiful and popular font family based on Museo sans and Museo slab used for headline designs in many places though they work well for texture design in websites, magazines, books and logos. Museo Sans comes with OpenType family which supports for the CE language as well as Esperanto. It includes various features such as inferior, superior, denominators, numerators, old styled figures etc.


Futura font family

The only known and best fonts in 1920s when Futura font was first released and became most popular within few years. The font family is ancient like the Greek capitals that were inscribed 2500 years ago by the Cretans during the time of Pythagoras, by Imperial Romans in the Scripios tomb or during the 18th century.

Trade Gothic

Trade Gothic

Trade Gothic was also a popular web font initially designed in 1948 by Jackson Burke. While this family doesn’t display much unifying structure compared to other sans serif families, this dissonance itself adds earthy naturalism and appeal.

Halis Grotesque

Halis Grotesque

It is being another rising star from the font family includes eight different weights, italics and normal. The weights all have small caps and the font itself has come to mean clean and pure. The font has great usages in texture and typography designs that include magazines, books, website textures, logo, and corporate design.

Museo Slab

Museo Slab 500

Museo Slab is Robust and attractive font family which has a great similarity with Museo Sans font family. It works fine with Museo sans and Proxima nova when you think designing headlines alongside your site. 100 and 300 weights perform well to design headlines also 500 weight has super usages.


These are all the most popular and useful commercial fonts have great usefulness in designing textures and typography for websites, magazines, books, corporate, logos, banners, posters, and many where. You can also generate @font-face with these fonts by using @font-face generate services.

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