The Best and Most Popular Fonts for Designers in 2015

Designers need plenty of useful tools, materials and appropriate platform to work for clients or self businesses. Fonts are integral part of web design, graphics, headlines, logos, brochures, those have higher demand in design field mostly for business purpose. Fonts can be found in two ways free licensing for personal use and paid licensing for commercial use.

When you turn your level from primary to standard in producing quality design object you need premium things to extend the design quality into next level for feeding up your customers more. Free fonts are always gettable and used by millions but premium fonts as the name suggests they are appropriate to produce a different, stylish and organic outlook along with your design mode.

So try these beautiful and best fonts to use in web, desktop, apps, server based development purpose

Graublau Sans Pro

Graublau Sans pro

Graublau sans pro is one of the rising stars of Myfonts top sellers lists. The font family combines more than 1000 glyphs for each style and 7 weights, with their matching italics. It’s very much suitable for all types of typographic tasks. The italics version comes with handwriting based, vivid design while the regular style has a neutral and clear appearance. Graublau Sans pro endorses Turkish, CE, Cyrillic and Greek, with offering wide range of sets of figures.

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon grotesque is award winning font family which is involved in sans serif font type and designed with six weights and matching italics. The designer of this font family is Hannes von Döhren who worked for many years to develop typeface. Brandon Grotesque was released in the year 2009/10 by HVD fonts. Original typeface includes six different styles: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black weights. Italics version were also made available for each case of their weight. Brandon Grotesque won the TDC2 Award, in 2011.

Proxima Nova


Proxima Nova is originally the rework of Proxima Sans, the font family includes 42 OpenType, fully featured fonts with three width choices. In style Proxima Nova fills a gap between various typefaces like Akzindenz Grotesk and Futura. Proxima Nova is hybrid typeface which combines geometric appearance with humanistic proportions.

Helvetica Neue Lt Std


Helvetica font family is widely used and most popular font face in 60s and 70s decades. There different types of versions were introduced in this family. A complete family was redrawn during the early 80’s by Linotype. Alignment differences were corrected and the subtle features had been made more consistent. The entire font family was redesigned again.

Graublau Slab Pro

Graublau slab pro

Graublau Slab Pro is new comer right after Graublau Sans Pro font family. They’re indeed the new addition of Graublau family which had been designed by Georg Seifert. The font family was released in 2008, but within very little period it has grabbed and wide attention by designers, now embedded in websites, graphic design, magazines, books, eBooks, corporate etc. design purposes.

Halis Grotesque

Halis Grotesque

Another rising star of Myfonts top sellers competition, Halis Grotesque is a classic font face including eight different weights, Italics and Normal. The weights all have small caps and the font itself has come to mean clean and pure. Grotesque font family includes new Turkish Lira Sign in addition with alternate ampersand which was created by Professor Halis Bicer (man has great popularity in Turkey due to being an expertise about graphic design, calligraphy and typography)

Museo Slab

Museo Slab

Museo Slab is a robust and attractive slab serif font family that combines friendliness of Museo. Museo Slab is developed to  fillup the nicer combination of design of headlines, logos and titles. Jos Buivenga from Exljbris has designed Museo  Slab. The font family supports OpenType font which is an offspring of the very popular Museo.

Thirsty Rough


Thirsty Rough was designed by Yellow Design Studio which is a weathered and warm version of the Thirsty Script. The font family provides captivating texture with authentic characteristics of the letterpress printing. The font is highly customized and suited for any design purpose. Thirsty Rough also includes matching texture pieces for fun and extra customization.

Museo Sans


The base creature of Exljbris is Museo Sans which was most popular to design the texture of websites. Museo Sans is highly legible, geometric, low contrast and sturdy typeface perfectly suitable for any text and display use. Font family is developed with OpenType format and supports for the CE languages as well as Esperanto.

Trade Gothic


Trade Gothic font family was initially designed in 1948 by Jackson Burke. It was not the only creature of Jackson but he has done lot of other font designs that displayed much unifying structure of other serif families. Trade Gothic fonts are most popular as to be embedded on multimedia, advertising combined with the roman fonts. Condensed texts are used popularly for headlines in the newspaper.



Futura font family is currently top 50 best sellers’ lists of Myfonts which was first constructured in 18th century in London by the classic revival architects. The font family looks like Greek capitals that were inscribed 2500 years ago by the Cretans during the time of Pythagoras.



Avenir is classic font and geometric sans-serif typeface which was designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1988 and release by Linotype GmbH. Avenir is a type of French word which means “Future”. Font family is inspired by the geometric sans-serif typeface Erbar (1922). Frutiger combined Avenir to be more organic and realist interpretation of the highly geometric types, while similarities can be seen with Futura.



Frutiger is the name pronounced with “hard g” is a series of typeface which was named after, the Swiss font designer Adrian Frutiger. Frutiger is a classic font typeface which is based on humanist typeface and realist, which is intended to be clean and highly legible at a distance or at small text sizes. Frutiger was first release in 1968 by the publisher Linotype.



FF DIN is realist sans-serif typeface designed in 1995 by Albert-Jab Pool, the font is structured based on DIN-Mittelschrift and DIN-Engschrift, as defined in the German standard DIN 1451. DIN is the acronym of Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute of Standardisation). The font family is modified with 20 weights, ranging from Light to Black in Condensed and Medium with matching italics.



Intro font family includes 26 very unique font styles & weights; the font family is featured by many renowned publications in the globe. The characters are excellent in both – web & printing. Intro font family is suitable for designing purposes for headlines of all sizes in newspaper, magazines, corporations, books, web sites etc.

Bombshell Pro


Bombshell Pro is only 1 font family is popular for hand-calligraphy, and handwriting for creating signatures or beautiful headings. It contains more than 800 glyphs like terminal and initial letters, run on connections, roman numerals and alternates.

Carolyna Pro Black


Carolyna Pro Black is particularly popular font family from Carolyna Pro. The text is whimsical yet formal so that users can still have the hand lettered, modern calligraphy look. Carolyna is formatted in OpenType family which includes end and beginning swashes, ligatures and alternates.



Effra font family includes the roots in one of the earliest sans-serif designs commercially available, Caslon Junior, from 1816. The design of Effra is updated for contemporary use, and has been expanded to the Standard character set. It is not strictly a font intended for setting body copy, the resulting family does function well at the sizes.



Freeland is casual brush typeface, with a rich, inky texture and just a bit of a masculine, edgy vibe. The font family is modern, bold and lively but not too much whimsical. Freeland is perfect for headlines in magazines, books, art and creative posters.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic


ITC Avant Garde Gothic is Adobe designed font family which is based on the logo font used in the Avant Garde magazine. The font family is currently top 10 best sellers lists in Myfonts contests.

RBNo 2.1


Purely condensed typeface that has a geometric and technical appearance. This family includes two different versions with seven weights and matching italics. The font looks very ideal for technical surroundings in logos, website headlines, posters, magazines and on anyplace with smaller texts.


Typeface is used to enhance the creativity of design in the base to form realist and humanist look and feel. To produce quality work we need to have skill and proper materials for displaying the complete preference of the creation. Fonts are the integral part of design base for websites, graphics, textures and more.
The fonts mentioned above and most popular and highly used for design purpose no matter what platform do you use to work on.

via The Best and Most Popular Fonts for Designers in 2015.


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