Graphic Designer Explains The Most Common And Successful Color Schemes –

[Editor’s note: one of the most effective color schemes is not mentioned: the use of a neutral color scheme with accent colors to point out important information and lead the eye to “action” points on the page. To see this in action go to my portfolio page:]

Do you know the definitions of analogous, triadic, monochromatic, and other design jargons?

Jerry Cao, a content strategist at UXPin, explains the most common and successful colors schemes, and how to maximize them to make your website stand out.

Analogous color schemes rely on colors that are just next to each other on the color wheel.

Jerry explains, “When using an analogous color scheme for web design, designers often choose one color to be the most dominant.” While the second color is used for differentiating elements, a third color is used when accenting.

For instance, website doabackflip uses yellow as its dominant color, and a reddish orange color as its secondary color.

Analogous Color Scheme, image via doabackflip

Monochromatic scheme uses only one dominant color, or different shades of the same color that complement each other well.

Monochromatic is the most basic and commonly used color scheme, its minimalist design helps emphasize your content. For instance, app-making company Wake uses a white-on-blue monochromatic scheme to highlight their main business services.

Monochromatic Color Scheme, image via Wake

Triadic is known to be the safest of all the color schemes. It is made up by joining an equilateral triangle on the color wheel.

Triadic Color Scheme, image via Ray Trygstad

The pros of using the triadic is that the colors prevent the website from appearing dull. But on the flip side, it is harder to draw attention to one single element.

Triadic Color Scheme, image via DocReady

Head over here to learn more about the other popular color schemes among designers.

Find out more about the color theory by downloading the Web UI Design for the Human Eye ebook.

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Graphic Designer Explains The Most Common And Successful Color Schemes –


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