Font Combinations in Book Design

…A few of my favorite type superfamilies are Fontin/Fontin Sans, Liberation Serif/LiberationSans, and Scala Pro/Scala Sans Pro. (As a bonus, both the Fontin superfamily and the Liberation superfamily are open source — that is, free to use.) There’s also an interesting list of forty superfamilies in an article on Peyton Crump’s Viget Inspire blog. Stay on your toes, however, as not each of these pairs is suitable for making books….

Many thanks to Stephen Tiano for sharing his knowledge. You can read other book design articles on his blog, and follow Stephen on Twitter.

Font combination resources

combining fonts

Typeface combinations used in design books, elsewhere on the blog
Four techniques for combining fonts, by H&FJ
Best Practices of Combining Typefaces, on Smashing Magazine
The Big Book of Font Combinations, priced $24.95, from Doug at BonFX
7 New Typeface Combinations for Book Design, on The Book Designer
3 Great Typeface Combinations You Can Use in Your Book, on The Book Designer
19 fonts in 19 combinations, on BonFX
The non-typographer’s guide to practical typeface selection”, on Authentic Boredom
Top Ten Typefaces Used by Book Design Winners, on The FontFeed
Font combinations in book design.


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