LinkedIn: The First Step in Building Your Online Reputation

If you want to be known professionally, use a service for professionals. Bad design does not help your professional image. Social networking services such as Facebook are not good for your purposes.

Register on a professional networking site such as LinkedIn. This free service allows you to build your profile, find connections from your address book, and make and receive recommendations. I have been using this service since 2008 and now have over 500 direct connections. I even was able to make contact with some people who I hadn’t been able to find otherwise. I have received five recommendations from clients and associates.

Once you have entered some of your connections, then go back to your profile page to see happened to your information. When I did this, I saw that each of my connections have links to other people, the number of mine range from 1 (me) to an outstanding 182 for my associate Aaron Marcus, an expert on User Interface design.

The person who has the most connections wins in the networking game; here it is visible to the eye: the more connections your connections have, the more opportunities can come your way.

The recommendations other people have submitted for me enhance my reputation online. I network at events and parties. Anyone who may want to employ me for my expertise in public relations and communications will want to check my reputation before they hire me; all they have to do is check my Linked In profile. There they can read my professional profile, see my photo, and read the recommendations from satisfied clients and associates that show me to be a professional who knows my field, has integrity and gets the job done.

Copyright Aliyah Marr

Aliyah Marr owns several groups on LinkedIn, including Caffeinated Creatives, which has over 5200 members, mostly advertising executives and design firm owners worldwide.


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