What Do You Want? Making a Life Plan from a Vision Statement

The following is intended to help you envision what you want, so you can figure out what you have to offer others. Before you promote what you are, you need to know what you want. Once you know what you want, and what pleases you, you can figure out everything else: what you can offer others, who your market is, and how you are going to go about achieving your dream.


A tool to help you envision your life: here you identify what you want so that you can ask the universe for the support you need. Without knowing what you want, how can you achieve it? I have adapted this from the commercial world.

Life Plan Summary

  • Description of what you offer to the world

RIGHT BRAIN: what is your dream/idea

LEFT BRAIN: how is your dream grounded in reality

  • All material aspects
  • The amount of money you are looking for and what it is for.

The Dream Team

  • Visualize your Dream Team
  • Use Existing Models of People You Admire

Products or Services

What inspires you? Serving others? Teaching? This is the real energetic/emotional componet of your product/service. You should feel very clear and enthusiastic when thinking of what you want to acheive.


  • What service / product do you offer the world?
  • What are the benefits you bring.
  • Why your product or service?

The Market

  • Customers (partners/allies/neighbors/extended family/tribe)
  • Paint a potrait of who will buy from you

Competitors (cooperators/symbiotic partners)

  • Lists their names, their strength and weaknesses.
  • How your product or service differ from their of your competitors.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Given the stated vision stated above, what are you asking for specifically and when?
  • Identify the stages in your plan.
  • Set reasonable deadlines for these goals.
  • What is the logical next step?

Copyright Aliyah Marr

Aliyah Marr is the author of Squawk! Social Media for the Solitary Bird and Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity: The (missing) manual for your right brain


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