Designing Your Sound Bite

When people ask you what you do, do you stammer and hesitate? A ready reply can be your ticket to your success.

When you are in a networking situation (and anything can be a potential networking situation) your slogan or your sound bite is every bit as important as your business card or website.

How do you make one? Think about yourself from your customer’s standpoint. What benefit do you bring them?

Say you are a personal trainer. I know a trainer who calls himself the Zen Commando. His name says it all. He was in the war, and trained commandos. Now he trains San Diegans as if they were in the army. He looks the part too, bulging chest muscles under a vest is his standard issue. He hosts a boot camp on the beach, and charges over $150. (last time I checked) for an hour of training with him.

Someone else I know brands herself as the “water queen,” she is one of the people in a MLM venture, called Ionways. She believes in the water ionizer that she sells, and has no problem telling everyone she meets that she is the queen of water. Any time that you pursue a business, and invent a slogan, it is important to believe in what you are doing.

Your integrity and passion for your product is what sells. People buy because they believe in you, therefore a salesperson who believes in their product is bound to be successful. Your slogan is a summation of who you are to your potential client. It should reflect your beliefs as well as it brands who you are and helps you market your services.

An example of a slogan is the one I use in my practice as a business development coach: “I take clients to the next level in their business.” Wherever they are now, they will be in a better place after working with me.

A good slogan, like a good business name, is priceless because it is your first step in image advertising or branding.

Copyright Aliyah Marr

Aliyah Marr is the author of Squawk! Social Media for the Solitary Bird


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