How to Post Your Blog Article to Your LinkedIn Profile & Discussion Group

The following instructions allow you to post your blog article to your profile and to any discussion groups you belong to. Assuming you have a WordPress blog:

1. Login
2. Go to your dashboard
3. Go to Settings > Sharing
4. Enable “Sharing Buttons”
5. Choose Linked In sharing button

1. Write an article or find one you want to share
2. Publish it
3. Click on the link on your blog to get to the article page (just the article, not the home page of blog)
4. Scroll to bottom of your article
5. Click on the LI share icon
6. In the dialog box you can choose to post to your profile AND to the discussion section of any group that you belong to.
7. If you have a photo at the top left of the article, it will show on your LinkedIn post.


NOTE: please don’t abuse this process. Social media etiquette is important here: refrain from posting material that your group may find irrelevant.

Aliyah Marr, author of Bird Seed, advance your cause, your business or yourself with social media


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