You Deserve a Medal: Honors on the Path to True Love

I won’t say that the cover of this book deserves a medal (which is surprising, since it was designed by a designer), but I found myself laughing myself silly at the premise:

For over two thousand years, heroic deeds and extraordinary service in the public sphere have been rewarded with medals. But what about more personal victories and accomplishments? Don’t they require bravery and stamina? Isn’t the quest for love every bit as fraught with peril and sublime in spirit as any martial or athletic undertaking?

But even more amusing is the following review by a satisfied customer (who managed to keep her fingers intact):

Don’t Read this Book While Cooking or You COULD LOSE A FINGER!
By Cottage Wood Hill

I read this book aloud to my boyfriend in the kitchen while we were making dinner and I had just put on some eyeliner (no, these two things are not related). I had no idea what I was in for. Not two paragraphs in, I had trouble reading for all the chuckling, and then I heard him choke on his drink. I kept reading because laughing is something we really enjoy at my house, but as time went on my reading was filled with fits and starts because I couldn’t stop laughing.

Before I knew it I was doubled over with makeup running down my face. I couldn’t stop my eyes tearing up but still wanted to read more. My boyfriend was laughing and I’m glad he put down the knife he was chopping vegetables with or he would have lost a finger for sure.

I finally had to stop because my eyes and stomach couldn’t take it anymore. The thing that kills me is not only what Bucher is saying but how cleverly he says it.

While I was catching my breath my boyfriend commented, “Somebody’s been through it!”

“I know,” I repled. “He should get a medal or something.”

ZOWIE!! This clever little tome is unassuming at first, and full of painfully delicious wisdom. And the drawings are great, too! Well done. A MUST PURCHASE.


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