My SQL Wears a Suit, What Does Your SQL wear?

I enjoy humorous copy in advertising. When I wrote my latest book, Bird Seed, (now FREE for a limited time as a download) I found myself writing it in a humorous style; quite a departure from my first book, Parallel Mind, which was written in a more serious style. Humor is one way to sell a product or service, it helps people relax so they can learn; humor helps people change their point of view.

This Squirrel Mask really scares me and makes me laugh at the same time! I think that it would be a great thing to wear to your next corporate meeting. I’ve copied the whole advertising copy from the geekalerts website for your delectation.

Squirrel Mask is a full-sized latex mask that gives you the head of a squirrel, but hopefully allows to keep your brain that isn’t the size of a walnut.  This geeky mask may seem weird and unpractical at first glance, but there are actually tons of uses for this product!

Let’s say you’ve been out documenting the behavior of the squirrels in your yard lately, but they always find it unnerving that a man is writing down their every move.  (Science isn’t about why, it’s about why not.)  With the Squirrel Mask, you can blend in with your test subjects – they’ll never even know that you’re there!  ”Or they’ll get more nervous, since there’s a man wearing a squirrel mask who is writing down their every move.”  *Momma squirrel ushers all of the children inside the tree house*

Squirrel Mask

The Squirrel Mask is the perfect thing to freak out your neighbors. Just slip it on, sneak over and steal birdseed until they notice. If it freaks out people, just imagine what it will do for squirrels! They’ll never come back to your yard again. Do not wear around dogs. Latex. Fits most adult heads.

That is exactly what I’m saying – nothing’s scarier than a man in a squirrel outfit.  Maybe a giant squirrel in a man outfit, but how often do you see one of those?  The Squirrel Mask is available from Archie McPhee for just $25, so scurry on over there if you’re interested.  If you’re looking for more masks, you’ll want to take a closer peek at the Zombie Eyes Sleep Mask and the Beardski Mask.

Jack Kieffer owns Cool Gizmo Toys, a site that loves all things geek.


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