Grid-based WordPress Themes That Designers Love

The following selections are WordPress Themes that emphasize the elements of good design: grid-based layout and balanced typography. I have assembled these for selfish reasons: I want to be able to access these great designs and designers whenever I have a new project.

One of my favorite WP theme designers are the WP Shower design group.

This blog, FreshAsylum uses Imbalance 2 as shown below.

Sight by WP Shower.

I use Sight for my site Click above for live demo.

Swiss Dessign

Style Theme

Studio Theme

Minimal Theme

Four Minimalist Swiss Design Themes (Smashing Magazine)

Paragams by WP Shower

Imbalance 2 by WP Shower

Offered by Smashing Magazine –>

From WeFunction Design Agency

Oulipo is available from (appearance > themes)

This design firm specializes in grid-based portfolio design:

55th Street by Tammy Hart

Modern Clix by Rodrigo Galindez

One of my favorite themes is Chateau.

I use it for my blog, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.


One Reply to “Grid-based WordPress Themes That Designers Love”

  1. This is a really big design help as I am about to build a new site for the first time around a WordPress shell and needed some inspiration for themes which are different – which I have now got. I shall continue to follow your posts on WordPress website construction to help get me out of more difficulties!


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