Tips for Self-Publishing Your Book

Tips for successful self-publishing:


1. publish your print book with LS however, there are definite hidden pitfalls in their service, so you should have outside help  — they are not geared to help you, the small publisher, and can’t design your book, or even advise you on how to best design for their unusual production process.

Using LS can maximize your profits while you outlay very little upfront, but you must remember that the standard in the industry is to offer distributors like Amazon and B&N a 55% discount; if you set your price too low, you could get into a negative profit situation.

Here is an example: you naively set the retail price for your 250 page book at a reasonable $12.00. Amazon buys the book from you at $5.40, but the POD printer (Lightning Source) charges $5.45 to print the book. So you have just lost in the transaction. If you sell your books yourself, you can cut out the middleman, but who searches the web for independent publishers? So the only way to profit from your book at your price is to buy boxes of your book and sell them out of your car, or at your seminars or workshops.

2. hire the following people: a professional content editor, a book designer, and/or book illustrator.

3. prepare your manuscript in Word. Make it perfect there before giving it to the designer; she is not there to check your work.


1. output from Word for ebooks.

2. double-space after sentences.

3. use literal illustrations for your cover.

4. use services like Lulu that charge you for things you can do yourself. Spend that money on good design.

People do judge a book by it’s cover. If you don’t know what constitutes a good contemporary design, then check out the best sellers at your bookstore or on Amazon. The design of a book is one place where self-publishing can look amateur. If your cover and book interior looks amateurish, no one will read it!

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Here are some samples of my books and covers:


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