The Perfect Twitter Tool: What Twitter Should Have Been

A lot of people use Tweetdeck, but I find it cumbersome. You have to download and install it on your computer, plus it often didn’t work properly.

In comparison, let me recommend Hootsuite, an online application that does everything that Tweetdeck does and more. Here are just some of it’s features:

Cross-posting: to multiple Twitter accounts, to LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Hashmarks or special interests: keep track of your interests in a dedicated column.

Columns: for pending tweets, sent tweets, etc.

Tabs: for Twitter accounts, overflow from columns.

Direct messages: keep track of your important conversations in a single column.

Mentions: know when you are mentioned in a retweet or message online.

Follow the conversation: when you can’t remember what they wrote, Hootsuite allows you a view of the whole conversation, your responses included.

Shrink url: right there under your post.

Scheduled tweets: this one tool is worth all the rest for us busy entrepreneurs. I can schedule my tweets weeks in advance, if I want.

Stats and followers: keep track of who clicks on your tweets and who is following who.

Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on how to use social media to promote yourself online.



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