Empower Individuals and Build a More Equitable Society at the Same Time

“Everything you can imagine is real.” — Pablo Picasso

I’ll never forget how my mother showed me that water could flow uphill, the day she emptied our little above-ground pool with an ordinary garden hose.

Today, as I reflect on how empowered creative individuals could change the world, I remember that day in my childhood when I learned how a natural force like capillary action could reverse another, apparently stronger natural force like gravity.

I like to see natural processes such as capillary action as metaphors for how we can model ourselves and a build a better, more equitable society, and reverse the intransigent and inequitable system that we have in place today.

I propose a grass-roots movement I’ll call the “Trickle-up Creative Economy.”

A reversal of the “trickle-down economic” theory, it works by encouraging each person on the planet to develop their creative potential so that positive attitudes, responsible stewardship, and creative ideas can “trickle up” to change society for the better.

Just as many roots feed the tree, and just as it takes many blades of grass to create a meadow, so we can each fulfill our creative potential, nourish our creative freedom and build a better society at the same time.

A movement initiated not by leaders, not by the “masses,” but by empowered individuals — what a novel idea! And one whose time has finally come. I invite you to read my book, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity which introduces some of my ideas, and is the first in a series of books about real creativity.

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr



One Reply to “Empower Individuals and Build a More Equitable Society at the Same Time”

  1. Reinventing Europe means moving from a knowledge society to an innovation society. For citizens, this means releasing the potential of a broad range of ideas to solve real problems, to find real solutions. Innovation often happens when people from different backgrounds and countries put their ideas together to create new solutions. This new EU clip shows how you could reinvent Europe through innovation.

    Watch it!


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