The End of The Consumer Culture

A society based upon consumers is not a culture, it’s a profit machine for the increasingly few at the top of the feeding chain. The end result is the erosion of the economic base for this society as more and more people either lose their jobs or cannot afford the products they produce.

A consumer culture has to eventually fall of it’s own accord, as anything will do that is too top-heavy. There are only so many jobs in the “servant” sector, after all. If you make minimum wage, you can’t afford the latte that you make for that customer. The hive mentality in this culture requires that the workers don’t know what is happening, as their human rights and dreams of a better life are slowly disappearing.

But the corporate and government interests don’t seem to realize that a consumer culture is dependent upon an increasing base of consumers to consume the products that this culture produces. And the continuance of a consumer culture is dependent upon the ever-decreasing costs of those products, which means that the factories/workers have to be overseas. I know of an American graphic designer who gets plenty of work, and has a decent life-style because he has chosen to emigrate to India.

The poor and middle class can no longer afford to live here. It should be obvious to everyone that this isn’t working anymore.

It’s time for visionaries to step in to contribute their ideas of how to change this society into one that truly benefits all. Corporate group-think is not going to solve our problems, only free-thinking individuals can come up with an out-of-the-box solution.

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