Directory of Creative Thought Leaders on Twitter

Yesterday, I decided to make a list on Twitter called “Creative Thought Leaders” consisting of all the people who I feel are on the leading edge of social change, creative thinking and innovation.

If you know of any creative thought leaders who should be on my global directory, please comment on this blog or contact me on Twitter:


Here is the list so far:


  • Name ideasproject
  • Web http://www.ideasp…
  • Bio is a new way to connect with some of the most visionary & influential thought leaders in communications technology & their big ideas.


  • Name socialedge
  • Location Palo Alto, CA
  • Web…
  • Bio Global online community by social entrepreneurs, for social entrepreneurs. Find social entrepreneurship discussions, blogs, jobs. Program of the Skoll Fdn.


  • Name Danny Brown
  • Location Burlington, ON, Canada
  • Web http://dannybrown…
  • Bio Social media strategist for Maritz Canada. Middle name is community. Emerging media purveyor. Social media for good game challenger. No friend of spammers.


  • Name Maria Popova
  • Location 42°45’N, 23°20’E
  • Web http://www.brainp…
  • Bio Interestingness curator, digital anthropologist & semi-secret geek obsessed with design, storytelling & TED. I write for @WiredUK & @GOOD.


  • Name Ross
  • Location Palo Alto, CA
  • Web http://ross.typep…
  • Bio Ross Mayfield, Chairman, President and Co-founder of Socialtext.


  • Name Pierre Bourdieu
  • Location New York
  • Web http://sociologia…
  • Bio French sociologist. Habitus, Champ, Capital Cultural, Distinction, Theory, Sociology.


  • Name TED News
  • Location New York, NY
  • Web
  • Bio ALL the news from, the TED Conference, the TED Prize and more.


  • Name craignewmark
  • Location Tehran
  • Web
  • Bio customer service rep & founder for craigslist


  • Name Venessa Miemis
  • Location Hudson Valley, NY
  • Web http://emergentby…
  • Bio metacog, futurist, thought architect. tracking emerging media and technology trends & impacts. thriving on ideas, innovation, strategy, creativity and design


  • Name AGSE Foresight
  • Location Melbourne, Australia
  • Web http://www.swin.e…
  • Bio Communicating to create insights and forward views to apply to organisational, personal & socially useful outcomes.


  • Name heathervescent
  • Location West Hollywood
  • Web http://www.heathe…
  • Bio I Create the Future: Practical Futurist, Educator, Consultant, Network Weaver & Agent of Cacophony #personalbranding #socialmedia #glue


  • Name World Future Society
  • Location Bethesda, MD
  • Web
  • Bio The Twitterfeed of the World Future Society


  • Name futuristspeaker
  • Location Kirkland-Seattle, WA, USA
  • Web http://www.futuri…
  • Bio Glen Hiemstra, Founder, leading futurist speaker in U.S., follow speech announcements here, track tweets @glenhiemstra and also @futurefeed


  • Name Jay Gary
  • Location Virginia Beach, VA
  • Web http://www.jaygar…
  • Bio Musings on leading from the future and how to recreate your career through strategic foresight, innovation and global leadership from a Regent U professor


  • Name Christopher Barnatt
  • Location Nottingham, UK
  • Web http://www.Explai…
  • Bio Lecturer and futurist. Associate Professor of Computing & Future Studies, Nottingham University Business School.


  • Name Martin Börjesson
  • Location Göteborg, g
  • Web http://www.futura…
  • Bio Scenario planner and strategist – constantly working with the future and the relation between society and technology



  • Name Wendy L Schultz
  • Location Oxford, England
  • Web http://www.linked…
  • Bio Futurist: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Hawaii, England –create change, will travel.


  • Name GlenHiemstra
  • Location Kirkland-Seattle, WA, USA
  • Web http://www.futuri…
  • Bio Founder of, futurist speaker & writer, blogger, online video producer, hiker, family guy, believer in future


  • Name catt avery
  • Location Southern Humboldt
  • Web
  • Bio Conceptual Artist:: Futurist and Mobile Kids strategist. Bioregional hive mind weaver.


  • Name Ann Feeney
  • Location Tehran, Iran
  • Bio Born, now curious to see what’s next.. Futurist, associations, nonprofit sector.


  • Name Jack Uldrich
  • Location Minneapolis, MN
  • Web http://www.jumpth…
  • Bio Author, futurist, keynote speaker and unlearning fanatic.


  • Name Cecily Sommers
  • Location Minneapolis
  • Web http://www.pushth…
  • Bio Futurist, President of the Push Institute


  • Name FUTURE Patrick Dixon
  • Location FUTURIST: visits 54 NATIONS
  • Web…
  • Bio FUTURIST, 12 MILLION VISITORS WEB, 1.6m video views, author 12 books. RANKED ONE OF 20 MOST INFLUENTIAL BUSINESS THINKERS IN WORLD (2005). Keynote Speaker


  • Name Sean Ness
  • Location Fremont, CA
  • Web http://hubber.blo…
  • Bio Institute for the Future ( by day; STIRR ( at night


  • Name Jake Dunagan
  • Location Palo Alto/Mountain View
  • Web
  • Bio Research Director, Tech Horizons Program, IFTF; Co-Director of FoundFutures; PhD Candidate UH-Manoa’s Alt Futures Program; Neurofutures & Neuropower


  • Name Mitch Betts
  • Location Maryland, USA
  • Web…
  • Bio Journalist, futurist. (Interested in trends, innovation, research and long-term thinking.)


  • Name Dr. James Canton
  • Location San Francisco but always-on tr
  • Web http://www.future…
  • Bio futurist, CEO Institute for Global Futures, author Extreme Future, Technofutures, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Advisor



  • Name IFTF
  • Location Palo Alto, CA
  • Web
  • Bio Institute for the Future is a research group with 40+ years of forecasting experience. We are the creators of @Signtific and #Superstruct


  • Name Rowena Morrow
  • Location Melbourne, Aust
  • Web http://www.pspl.c…
  • Bio Foresight facilitator and educator whose purpose is to support foresight development in people, organisations and communities.


  • Name garrygolden
  • Location (Park Slope) Brooklyn
  • Web http://www.garryg…
  • Bio Futurist / Strategist (M.S. Futures Studies/Board member – Association of Professional Futurist); Founding Editor The Energy



  • Name Michael G. Zey, Ph.D
  • Location NJ
  • Web
  • Bio Futurist,Sociologist, author of Seizing The Future, Ageless Nation, Future Factor, Mentor Connection. Corporate Speaker, Consultant, Professor, Radio/TV Persona


  • Name Future Aware
  • Location Bay Area, California
  • Web http://futureawar…
  • Bio Focused on future technologies and their impact on humanity


  • Name Blake
  • Bio Unpredented Dangers / Unprecedented Opportunities – Keeping One Eye On The Emerging Future – Planetary, Environment, Climate Change, Technology…


  • Name rossdawson
  • Location Sydney, Australia
  • Web http://rossdawson…
  • Bio Futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategy advisor, and author. Current focus: future of influence and future of the enterprise


  • Name Gerd Leonhard
  • Location Switzerland – and on the plane
  • Web http://www.mediaf…
  • Bio Media Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author, Blogger, Strategist, Idea Curator, Change Agent, Occasional Heretic, Digital Content Economy Lubricator


  • Name Dominique Jaurola
  • Location Sydney
  • Web http://www.domini…
  • Bio Founder of Hunome, co-author- Strategic Foresight: The Power of Standing in the Future, humanity explorer, pragmatic dreamer for better futures


  • Name Scott Smith
  • Location iPhone: 41.976070,-87.906319
  • Web http://www.change…
  • Bio Futurist, Technology Forecaster


  • Name Time To Impact Movie
  • Location Paterson, NJ USA
  • Web http://www.timeto…
  • Bio A documentary film about a social entrepreneur, philanthropic experiment.. Executive Producer @PhilanthropyCFP


  • Name ThisIsSethsBlog
  • Web http://sethgodin….
  • Bio Founder of, author, blogger. This is a retweet of my blog.


Enrique Levyas

Global Green Leaders of 2Moro. Bringing the community to strive for a Green Sustainable future


  • Name Richard Krasney
  • Location Livingston, NJ, USA, Earth?
  • Web http://www.linked…
  • Bio Certified Financial Planner™ helping successful do-gooders make smart financial decisions


  • Name Michio Kaku
  • Location New York
  • Web
  • Bio Theoretical Physicist, Professor, Bestselling Author, Popularizer of Science



  • Name Traci Fenton
  • Location Austin, TX
  • Web http://www.worldb…
  • Bio Founder + CEO of WorldBlu – lover of organizational democracy, also follow us @worldblu


  • Name Les Fehmi, PhD
  • Location Princeton, NJ
  • Web http://www.openfo…
  • Bio Anything worth doing is worth doing effortlessly.


  • Name
  • Location Canada
  • Web http://www.IdeaCo…
  • Bio Collaborative problem solving, outsource innovation and solving problems for the public good.


  • Name Tim Ferriss
  • Location San Francisco, CA
  • Web http://www.fourho…
  • Bio Author of #1 NY Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek, Japanophile, tea drinker, tango world record holder, language learning fanatic


  • Name Keith Ferrazzi
  • Location Los Angeles, CA
  • Web http://www.keithf…
  • Bio Thought leader. Relationship Guru. Consultant. Author of “Never Eat Alone” and “Who’s got Your Back.”


  • Name Chad Lilly
  • Location Yakima, WA
  • Web http://www.innerc…
  • Bio Chad Lilly, poet, publisher, radio host, founder of InnerCircle Publishing, Aware Talk Radio, and Revolution Press.


  • Name frankspencer
  • Location Savannah, Georgia, USA
  • Web http://www.forwar…
  • Bio Professional Futurist, Strategic Foresight, Speaker, Transformation, Social Visionary, Human Emergence/Development, Global Issues, Complexity is my game…


  • Name Cindy FrewenWuellner
  • Location Kansas City
  • Web http://urbanverse…
  • Bio architect, futurist, rhetorician, adjunct prof, treehugger, former biz owner now a writer exploring city futures, reborn from @cindyfw.


  • Name Rich Van Every
  • Location Carlsbad CA – USA
  • Web http://www.richva…
  • Bio Inspirational Documentary Film Maker – Dynamic Photographer – Agent for Social Change – TV Hosting – Writer – Soul Hug Giver and Instructor


  • Name Guy Kawasaki
  • Location VirginAmerica 2A
  • Web
  • Bio I am a firehose that answers the question: What’s interesting? Co-founder of Alltop.


  • Name Almine
  • Location Newport, Oregon
  • Web http://www.spirit…
  • Bio “One of the most remarkable lives of our time.” – Ambassador Armen Sarkissian, former P.M., Republic of Armenia, Astrophysicist at Cambridge University, U.K.


  • Name create (or) die
  • Location London
  • Web http://placeforid…
  • Bio Hi, we’re create (or) die, we’re an insight-led youth agency and basically we help clients find a place in youth culture


  • Name Parallel Mind
  • Location SoCal
  • Web http://www.fresha…
  • Bio Aliyah Marr: Futurist, Creative Consultant, Creative Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author. Topics: Creativity, Innovation, Personal Development


  • Name Rising Tide – RTI
  • Location New York
  • Web http://www.rising…
  • Bio We support small green businesses to advance the green economy


  • Name ✰ David Mathison ✰
  • Location New York
  • Web http://www.bethem…
  • Bio Compiler, Be The Media. Web 2.0 wizard. Media sommelier. Hi-tech concierge. How can I help you today?


  • Name Innovation Phila
  • Location Philadelphia, PA
  • Web http://www.innova…
  • Bio Economic development organization focused on growing the for-profit, technology-driven creative industries in the Philadelphia Region


  • Name Leadership Twits
  • Bio Leadership Twits, tips, quotes, and mentoring! Decide to be a leader!


  • Name Leadership Advantage
  • Location Australia
  • Web http://www.leader…
  • Bio We are consultancy partnership offering expertise in developing people and services. We offer Work Life Balance Workshops with Buddhist teachers.


  • Name Women in Leadership
  • Location USA
  • Web
  • Bio Advancement of Women in Leadership


  • Location Novi, Michigan
  • Web http://www.parago…
  • Bio Leader in Energy Leadership, Food Leadership, Next Generation Leadership and Trend Breaking Leadership Dev. Creators of Food/Energy EPPRENTICE Experience.


  • Location Oakland, CA
  • Web http://leadership…
  • Bio Leadership Learning Community: National nonprofit organization transforming the way leadership development work is conceived, conducted and evaluated


  • Name Fresh Asylum
  • Location SoCal
  • Web http://www.fresha…
  • Bio Designing a New Culture. Futurist, Creative Consultant, Speaker, Author of the blog and the book, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity


  • Name Kevin Rose
  • Location San Francisco, CA
  • Web
  • Bio Founder of social media site Random ideas, entrepreneur, climber of rocks, video blogger, & tea drinker.


  • Name Aliyah Marr
  • Location SoCal
  • Web http://freshasylu…
  • Bio Futurist, Creative Consultant, Creative Coach, Author, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity, Motivational Speaker, Topics: Creativity, Innovation, Personal Development



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