What Makes a Site Sticky? Your Sticky Site Could be Featured in My Next Video

A sticky website is one that you can’t leave. Sometimes it is a matter of a technical wiz-bang Flash interface, or it may be just that the site leads you on and on down a path of deliciously sticky choices.

An example of the latter is Amazon. I can’t leave this site. Forget technical wizardry: I have an addiction to books that is so beautifully tickled by this site that I can’t leave. I find more and more interesting books and products the longer I stay.

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I’d like to poll Twitter and the blog universe for answers on what makes a site sticky. Send me your candidates for the stickiest sites and why. They can be sites  that you designed or the site of your company, if you think they are truly sticky. Make sure you give me a URL and a reason why you think the site is sticky. If you post a comment, I will get an email. Otherwise, you can email me at: aliyahmarr [at] gmail. The sites that I pick will be featured on my tutorial and seen by the audience of subscribers. Thank you for your input!

Here are some reasons a site may be sticky:

  • The interface: game-like, easy to navigate
  • The content: what you want, when you want it
  • The imagery: appeals to you, is appropriate
  • The site architecture: aids your navigation
  • The usability: just so easy to use, practical
  • The product
  • The brand
  • Technical wizardry

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