Sales Principles at the Heart of any Marketing Stategy

Good sales principles are the heart of any marketing strategy. Here are my top ten:

1. Know  your product / service.

2. Know the needs of your customer.

3. Give them exactly what they need now, and for their near future needs.

4. Present the features (and limitations) of every item / service you sell clearly, so the user can make an informed decision.

5. Assist the customer in making the right decision for them, even if you send them elsewhere to make their purchase.

6. Educate the customer on their purchase — now and in the future.

7. Allow them as much follow-up as needed for them to enjoy their purchase.

8. Allow them to return the purchase for any reason.

9. Allow the customer a way to share your passion for your product or service with others.

10. Always consider the customer a long-term client, and think first of him, rather than of the individual sale.

Please feel free to add whatever you feel is a good sales principle as a comment on this post.

A more complete discussion of ethical marketing and sales principles may be found in my articles about Feel-Good Marketing.

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