Marketing for “Dummies”

I have always disliked the titles of the Dummy series, even as I know it draws attention (and makes sales). I am not a dummy, but I will pick up a book with that title, just because I know it always covers the subject at a 101 level.

So I thought a good title for this post would be “Marketing for Dummies,” because it is for those who either are lost in the forest of dry statistics, or for those who understand that marketing is creative, and haven’t seen much creative marketing for quite a while.

Here is my “Dummies” list of marketing commandments:

1. Know thy brand / product.
What are the features and benefits?

2. Know thy customer.
Paint a portrait of your customer from memory.

3. Great design is shown in how your customer relates to you.
Target your design to your customer.

4. Use great copy and content.
Ditto above law for content and copy.

5. Tweet that headline. Less is more.
Communicate in as few words as possible.

6. Allow drill-down.
Great site architecture or content management allows additional information to be stored where the user can find it, but not where he can trip over the non-essential data.

7. Remove obstacles to the sale.
Too much information, cloudy content, unfocused site architecture.

8. Exile the statisticians from the drafting room.
Statistics aren’t creating any brands or selling any products. Their job is to track results and keep the creative people on track.

9. Empower, don’t frustrate. Remember Aliyah’s 3/2 rule.
Three seconds is the attention-span of the average user. Pages should be designed with a maximum two-click link to the user’s desired (expected) outcome.

10. “The Buzz is the Brand.”™
Engage and involve your users, until they become loyal customers, and flock together in an organic community.

Common sense concepts for a complex field.

Is that an elephant I see in the living room?

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr