Are You a Designer who is Also a Fine Artist? I Want to Showcase Your Work on

Graphic Designers, Do You Live a Double Life as a Fine Artist? I want to interview you and showcase your work on


My name is Aliyah Marr. I am an artist, author and designer. I produce tutorials for designers on creativity and design for, a subscription-based online learning center for designers. 

My editor and I want to profile a number of graphic designers who are also visual artists (read visual fine artists: painters, sculptors, video artists, multimedia or digital artists) in my upcoming tutorial for Why? Well, he knows that I myself am both a fine artist and designer, so who better to interview the elusive designer/artist chimera and make sense of their strange language?

The artists/designers will be chosen based upon the quality of their work, and  on their ability to articulate and show their process. Can you spin a good story about how your art inspires your design and how your design skills feed back into your art? This is an interview that will be seen by hundreds of thousand subscribers. I will include a link to your work online.

Send me links to your work online: I need to see examples of both your design work and your artwork. (Sorry, no writers or musicians can be included, due to the nature of my assignment.) 

To apply, email me the links to your design portfolio and fine artwork:

myfullname [at] 

(this is a test to see if you have been paying attention to the requirements above 😉 If I don’t get your email, obviously, you haven’t passed my test. This is also my way of avoiding spam in my mailbox)


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