Comic Relief for Document Overload

When you have had enough of the paper-full (the opposite of paper-less) office, try the following amusing quick-fix:

Swedish agency FarFar teamed up with Acne and Perfect Fools to launch this site for Nokia promoting the E71 and E66 phones. This site will take any irritating document that you send them and destroy the pesky thing for you. You are given a choice of the means by which this massive, room-sized machine will dispose of your nemesis; make your choice carefully, as this process takes a while.

I think that the original video of a blank document “tarring and feathering” was filmed using the robotic equipment, anything that you send to them gets “pasted” digitally onto the print, so the unloader is now virtual. Only one piece of blank paper was destroyed, in other words, but the satisfaction of destroying boring, useless paper lives on and on in this brilliant interactive social site. At the time of my viewing there were nearly 3000 documents sent to the unloader, at a rate of about one per second. For every 100 documents unloaded, Nokia says it will plant one tree in Brazil.

In case you have any environmental or animal rights concerns, there is a recycling logo at the bottom of the screen throughout the process, along with a disclaimer, “No real documents were harmed in the making of this web site. Any resemblance with existing documents is purely coincidental.”