Advertisers: Be Impeccable With Your Word

Honesty in advertising has become more imperative than ever before. The advent of viral marketing has increased the power of the consumer, and your word better equal his experience.

This is nowhere more apparent than on the web. Marketers still try to fool search engine spiders by writing blogs and pages to achieve top search engine rank. However, the words used must equal the true content of the page, or you will be tagged by the search engines as a “spamindexer.”

Marketers sometimes forget that the final client is not the spider or even the human-powered search engine, but the consumer. Your content has to be not only good, it has to be relevant to the viewer. If the viewer searched for “virus protection software” and gets a page of baited links instead of what he expected, you can bet he will not only go elsewhere, but the spider will soon debar your content from its index as well.

You can’t fool Mother Nature or the omniscient web spider for long. Be honest, present your product or service in the clearest way possible, and make it easy for all of us to “vote” for you with our attention and wallets.

For more information on how to write effective promotional copy, go to my other blog and read the following article:

Also, see my website FreshAsylum.

— Copyright 2008 Aliyah Marr


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