Building Community, Article 3

This series of articles is about building a virtual community based upon what I call “natural ethics” (see Building a Community, Article 1), and upon an internal system of “tithing” as a reward system for the members of the community.

I can build a virtual community that is of benefit for all within the Community and for the Company which is providing the infrastructure. Following is the summary of the previous articles and an outline for how I would achieve this project.

What am I selling to the Company?

– a network of Special Interest Group communities based upon “natural ethics”
– the idea of a social network where the creative input of each member is rewarded by the Community
– structure / design of the umbrella Community
– set up various initial SIG communities
– viral dissemination techniques — proven and innovative
– possible implementation of viral dissemination and SIG communities
– representation of Community as head curator for Company’s umbrella Community
– marketing/PR of the Company and of Community to various communities / schools / businesses

How do I plan on getting the word out?
– viral / buzz marketing
– associations and sponsorships
– cult sharing
– texting
– cool “goodies” with logo
– school touring
– trade shows
– PR/seminars/training

Company provides
– servers
– development / design of Community (wiki-based?)
– development of the internal “tithing” structure
– access to marketing / sales / management for brainstorming / branding and implementation
– industry contacts/support for speaking engagements / interviews (trade shows, seminars, press)
– support from sponsors
– funds where needed as agreed upon by Community

What do I want beyond my consulting fee?
– as described in “natural ethics” — benefits from my creative ideas:
– financial renumeration from Company for additional work
– credit in the press and in all company publications for my ideas
– “tithing” for what I create within the Community just like any other member

What does the Company receive?
– one of the first online Communities based upon “natural ethics”
– cult following
– website views
– possible revenue from sponsors
– possible revenue from “tithing” as a benefit for Community employees
– lots of marketing / design ideas from within the Community
– feedback
– satisfied user base
– press regarding the innovative Community we are building
– spin-off PR effect: PR about Aliyah Marr mentions Community and Company

— copyright 2007 Aliyah Marr

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