Building a Community

In composing a proposal for a company intent on community building, I reflected on what is community; what encourages people to use/belong to a community?

I think that it is the right blend of uniqueness and alikeness.

UNIQUENESS — what is the benefit to the individual
– information they can use for work or life
– positive ethics within Community
– members may gain a benefit in world outside Community — renown, job, mate, etc.
– members may work towards “star” status within one or more communities
– cult / elite “insider” status
– coolness factor
– people want to be given credit (paid in accolades or money) for their input
– people want to be heard; complaints addressed, software problems addressed
– people want to express themselves
– people feel valued, smart, and important
– users have to see individual benefits to themselves

ALIKENESS — what is the benefit to the Community
– positive ethics within Community
– grassroots appeal
– usability
– people want to help others (most want to be known for it)
– people like to feel part of a team
– sense of communality
– trust and respect within the Community
— copyright 2007 Aliyah Marr

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